Thursday, November 15, 2012

Future Perfect Show Preview

The online preview for my upcoming solo show, Future Perfect, is now up!  Check it out and if you're in the area, stop by the opening November 17th, 5-8pm at the George Billis Gallery, L.A.


Coming Down, oil on canvas, 36x48", 2012


  1. By the way...we enjoyed your show! Well worth the drive from OC to admire your technique in person. I love rain, gloom, and storm-awaiting, so it was an interesting subject matter for me. We would have introduced ourselves, but you seemed to be besieged by fans! Good luck...impressive work as always.

  2. Thanks so much Susan! I really appreciate you coming up to see the show (and in the pouring rain were were having too!). I'm glad you enjoyed it. I would've like to have met you in person, but I understand - maybe next time. Thanks again!