Monday, January 9, 2012

TWA Terminal

I'd like to unveil my first New York painting coming out of the studio.  TWA Terminal, Street View, 30x44", $5,000, is a study of the famous TWA Terminal at New York's JFK Airport.  This stunning building was designed by revered architect Eero Saarinen and opened in 1962.  Many changes have been made to the surrounding area, but the graceful form of the structure remains.  This painting serves as a springboard for a larger New York series in the works.
To give you some idea of the process of this painting, here is the underpainting I did (which I do for all my paintings).  I start with basic white, black, and burnt sienna to get the proper tones down.  Once that layer has dried and I've played with the composition to my liking, I go in and start adding layers of color.
sepia tones

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